Why Partner with Reintegration

Reintegration is a Tasmanian rehabilitation company supporting clients to achieve the best outcome for their health following an illness, accident or injury at work. We are focused on your recovery and assisting you to regain your life.

Reintegration will ensure that you understand each stage of your recovery and will liaise with your treating health team to facilitate your recovery. Our focus is not only on your recovery but also supporting the workplace/insurer with your injury management being professional and focused. Long term disability, unemployment and being away from work do have a negative impact on your health and well being so your early involvement & investment in your recovery is important.

The Director of Reintegration has been working in the Career Counselling; Employment Case Management and Rehabilitation Counselling areas for over thirty years.


  • Family Owned Company
  • Good Internal Communications
  • Reputation for Innovation
  • Service focused